UNA.md - The whole business in at hand!

We offer a comprehensive information system of accounting and management UNA.mdwhich is developed, adapted and implemented by  UNISIM-SOFT (Company details ).

Modern technology of data storage and processing, a full set of necessary settings, compliance with the main parameters of ERP-class systems allow you to automate your business in a short time, optimize business processes and improve the quality of management. Openness and unification of the database on the ORACLE database, control and security technology enable smooth development and support of the information system in accordance with the growth of your organization.

The system was developed in Moldova taking into account the requirements of the National Accounting Standards and the Tax Code of the Republic of Moldova, being the optimal solution for the cost / functional ratio for organizations of different spheres of activity and scope. The versatility of the system is confirmed by a wide industry coverage.

 Using this system to send applications to our company guarantees the fastest possible review and resolution of your questions

In the UNA.md system, editing (adding, deleting) of electronic documents is allowed only if the document date falls within the "working period". If you have an error of the type "Data documentului nu incadreza in perioada de lucru: ... in the beginning of the new year, you need to  change the working period of the information system.


  • Improve the management of financial resources and the work of managers by providing them with timely full marketing and financial information necessary for making operational and strategic decisions;

  • Timely provide high-quality reporting to management and supervisory authorities in accordance with internal corporate rules and national standards;

  • Ensure control of economic activity at the level of primary accounting documents, as well as protection of electronic document circulation between remote participants in the economic process;

  • Improve the qualifications and experience of employees, as well as the quality of internal communications and workflow, if necessary, combining various branches, divisions and departments into a single information whole.


UNA.md is most suitable for organizations looking for a solution that:

  • Is built on the principle of "all in one"
  • Operatively implements "turnkey"

  • Is easy to use and modify

  • Is guaranteed to be maintained and updated by local developer

At the same time, the UNA.md product line covers the whole range of small, medium and large organizations in various fields of activity (see customer list by industry). The structure of the system allows you to purchase and use those parts (modules) that are required by a particular enterprise. With the development of business and the appearance of new accounting and management tasks, the enterprise can additionally purchase the necessary components.

The system is successfully used not only in the capital organizations, but also throughout the territory of Moldova. In whatever area of the country you are located, contact our office in Chisinau, and we will provide you with the necessary system through regional dealers or through the visits of our employees.

No matter how many jobs you want to automate (several tens or just one), your company will receive an effective accounting and management tool, as well as a serious competitive advantage.

For managers of different levels UNA.md solves different tasks, opening wide opportunities for development and increase of efficiency of your organization. Please see the benefits that are derived from the implementation of the system:

Director / Top Managers
Chief Accountant / Accounting
Financial Director / Economists
ACS Division / Programmers
Company as a whole

  Attentionit is possible, the structure of your organization requires a slightly different division of duties. In this case, you will probably be interested to see the benefits for other categories of employees (for an accountant, for example, with the benefits for a financial director / economist, production specialists, with benefits for accountants and economists).


Today the system is successfully used at enterprises of such branches as glass and furniture production, processing, chemical and light industry, machine building, production of building materials, pharmaceuticals, winemaking, canning and sugar production, agriculture, telecommunications, as well as in trade, services, budgetary sector And others (see the list of customers by industry). This allows us to speak about the smoothness and validity of decisions in the real economy of Moldova.

The system is designed for centralized management and registration of document circulation in a single system, including such areas as production (according to different technological schemes), a warehouse, a store, etc., incl. Remote units.

With the introduction of the system at the industrial enterprises the focus is on the automation of the entire cycle in the natural form: reception / sorting of raw storage >> >> >> Processing manufacturing >> Packaging >> shipping. This allows you to quickly receive answers to questions such as:

  • From which raw materials (from which suppliers and parties / orders) is made GP?

  • To which party does the semi-finished product belong, its qualitative / quantitative characteristics?

  • What are the volumes and terms for shipment of the GP according to the concluded (including tolling) contracts?

  • What are the terms of repatriation of funds?

  • What are the amounts and terms of settlements with suppliers of raw materials?

  • What is the receivable for the enterprise as a whole and for each client / contract? etc.

There is an opportunity of operative individual tracking of each batch in the technological process. Daily registration of concluded contracts for GP allows you to forecast production volumes and compare real and required production capacities. A record is kept of the composition of production (bill of manufacture) and the composition of the product (bill of material). It can be interfaced with ISO or 20Key quality systems, as well as with computerized process control and control systems.

For trading enterprises (or trade units) a solution has been developed that includes all the necessary accounting functions and is reasonably inexpensive for the price. Moreover, within the framework of a single information system, tasks of front-office (cashier workplaces using bar code scanners, inventories, etc.) and back-office (logistics, operational and management accounting) can be solved.

Budget organizations are offered a special solution that includes budgetary and extrabudgetary accounting, accounting for expenditures on budget items, revenue by source of payments, cost plan estimates for budget specification items, and comparison with real costs.


To receive your link to download, as well as more complete information about the product and the company, please contact us by filling in the  form on our platform website.