Platform Description

Thank you for visiting this website. Our company specializes in developing and implementing integrated corporate data systems under the Universal Accounting® trademark.


(1) to provide managers with timely and thorough information needed to make operational and strategic decisions.
(2) to increase personnel responsibility, and to facilitate management activities ensuring on-line inventory, financial and HR control.
(3) to generate all necessary reporting for managing board and supervisory bodies.


• Multifunctional & multiuser—perfect for all-round automation, incl. financial management, HR and payroll, manufacturing and retail
• Designed to ensure centralized management and document circulation within a single system comprising different units, incl. those remote and overseas.
• In-built flexible configuration options—making it easier to tailor the system to the specific needs of your industry, and your company.
• In-built powerful report generator—a broad range of flexible, customizable reporting options (from advanced consolidation analysis to simple reporting requests) accessible to decision-makers across your company (incl. via the Internet).
• Specific industry software and expertise: UA is successfully implemented and run at the largest enterprises in various industries in Moldova and some governmental bodies. Pls see the list of our clients sorted by branch (in Romanian).
• Available at affordable price, incl. free of charge training and servicing.


• Meets all requirements of the RM Tax Code and National Accounting Standards, supports IAS.
• Integration with ISO and 20Key quality systems optional.
• Individual workplace setup for each user, if needed.
• Supports both national and foreign currencies, incl. those of contracts and settlements.
• Multilingual (Russian/Romanian/English already supported).


• SQL-Server based on ORACLE 8i/9i/10—ensuring reliability and security.
• Applications made in Borland Builder C++, 32-digit client—based on client-servertechnologies.
• Stable networking—allowing any user to work at any workplace with any system module.
• Smart administrator—assigning access rights at the levels of accounts, documents, reports and/or interface elements.
• Supplied as Database Open Source with all original codes for databases—allowing your company to service and develop the system independently.
• Optimized database—ensuring speed, expandable functionality and easy updates.
• Keeps track of possible input mistakes.
• Supports IAS reporting, FormulaOne 6, FastReport, Excel, Word, ASCII formats.
• Direct export to MS Excel and MS Word.


Financials and reporting—incl. general ledger, payables, receivables, inventory, sales, purchasing, bank reconciliation, fixed assets, HR and payroll, and more (incl. Reporting via the Internet.)
Production—full-cycle automation (raw supplies >> storage >> processing >> production >> packing >> shipment), incl. bill of material, schedule of purchases, capacities calculation, and output forecasts. (Integration with measuring devices and production equipment optional.)
Distribution & RetailFront-Office (integration with cash registers, barcode scanners and information units) and Back-Office((logistics and operations).

Please note: UA is designed as an integrated turnkey solution—it is companies implementing UA at all their units which benefit the most. Tight integration lets you efficiently track and analyze key information. Still you are free to choose automation of those units you find most relevant at the moment—others may be dealt with later. Make sure you invest in a system that is flexible enough to meet your long-term needs.